Parker Polyflex™ Hoses

Trident Australia is a certified supplier and assembler of Parker Polyflex™ thermoplastic hoses. Polyflex™ is a premium hose manufacturer and leader in the high pressure hose market.

Trident Australia has invested a great amount of stock and equipment in order to offer Polyflex™ to the Australian market. Trident technicians have been formally trained and certified by Polyflex™ in Germany.

690 bar Parker Polyflex™ 2022N/08 series and Parker Polyflex™ 2340N/04 series, 700 bar Parker Polyflex™ 2380N/04 series, 1280 bar Parker Polyflex™ 2388N/04 series and 1800 bar Parker Polyflex™ 2440D/03 series assemblies available from stock.

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