Parker A-LOK®

Trident Australia is now stocking a broad range of Parker A-LOK® compression fittings.

Parker A-LOK® Instrumentation Tube Fittings are designed as leak-free connections for process, power and instrumentation applications. These fittings are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are available in a broad range of sizes, materials and configurations.

The Parker A-LOK® tube fitting has been specifically designed for use on instrumentation, process and control systems, analysers and environmental equipment employed in chemical, petroleum, power generating and pulp and paper plants. A-LOK® fittings have also been used extensively in other applications and industries wherever high reliability and quality are required.

With more than four decades of manufacturing experience, A-LOK® is the industry standard for instrumentation grade tubing.

Parker A-LOK® fittings are available as standard in Heat Code Traceable, 316 stainless steel. Other materials include steel, brass, aluminum, nickel-copper, Hastelloy C®, Alloy 600, Titanium, 6Mo, Incoloy 625 and 825. Straight fittings are machined from cold finished bar stock and shaped bodies are machined from close grain forgings.

A-LOK® tube fittings can be used with a wide variety of tubing materials and a broad range of tube wall thicknesses. A-LOK® seals equally well on both thin wall and heavy wall tubing.

Parker’s A-LOK® fittings consist of precision engineered parts designed to provide secure leak-proof joints capable of satisfying high pressure, vacuum and vibration applications.

Parker Instrumentation Tube Fittings are supplied complete and ready to use. The ferrules swage onto the tube as it moves down the body seat creating a pressure/vacuum-tight seal on both tube and body by the interface pressure and surface finish of mating components. The Parker Suparcase® ferrule (back-ferrule only on A-LOK®) creates a strong mechanical hold on the tube to ensure a positive seal.

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