Cryogenic - Turbine

ACE P6 Printer for ICE Cryogenic Electronics

The Hoffer ACE P6 printer is a dot matrix impact printer for use with ICE and ACE II cryogenic flow computers. This compact printer supports slip ticket printing for point of sale deliveries as well as printing to a factory supplied paper roll for long reports and diagnostic history. Contact the factory for information on custom ticket formats.

ACE P8 Printer for ICE Cryogenic Electronics

The Hoffer ACE P8 is a line thermal paper printer for use with ACE II and ICE cryogenic flow computers. It is a compact, lightweight printer with RS232 interface, mounted in a noncorrosive NEMA-4X enclosure. Printing at 2 inches/sec, the ACE P8 can be used in a variety of commercial and industrial applications in which small size and low cost are important considerations. The ACE P8 printer...

Cryogenic Prover

Cryogenic Transfer Standard for Field Calibration of Bulk Transport Systems. The dream of a quick, simple, and reliable field calibration system for cryogenic flowmetering systems has become a reality with the introduction of the Hoffer SY14B Cryogenic Transfer Standard . When suitably documented by a NIST traceable laboratory, the system offers users a high accuracy standard of comparison to...

ICE - Integrated Cryogenic Electronics

The ICE is Hoffer's most advanced truck mounted cryogenic flow metering system. The design culminates from 50 years of Hoffer experience with cryogenic fluid measurement. The full color graphical display and electronic touch screen ensure user-friendly operator interface and provide direct access to all measurement and configuration parameters. A typical system includes ICE, a turbine flow...