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NATA Calibration Lab Perth

Since 2006, we’ve proudly held our accreditation with NATA ensuring the highest standard of precision in calibration and testing services. Our accredited scope has now expanded, offering more comprehensive solutions tailored to industry needs!

Our NATA Accredited Services include:

  • Calibration of Industrial, Transducers, and Digital Gauges ranging from 10kPa to 276MPa (MSA Test Method 2)
  • Valves (Pressure Safety) Hydrostatic – API 527 Section 4
  • Valves (Pressure Safety) Pneumatic – API 527 Sections 2 & 5

We’re thrilled to announce our recent accreditation:

  • Hydrostatic Pressure Testing of Hose and Hose Assemblies (ISO 1402 Section 8.1 & AS1180.5 Section 7)

Our Calibration Lab is not just limited to the above; we are also equipped for calibration of hand and hydraulic cassette torque wrenches with our team of highly qualified technicians.

Trust your equipment with the experts! We have a dedicated team who are set to deliver competitive and swift service for all your testing and calibration needs.

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