Did you know that we offer a Complete IWOCS Package solution?


Designed to monitor the status and production of Subsea Trees and wells remotely, our Intervention Work Over Control Systems (IWOCS) Package includes offshore DNV rated HPU’S and umbilical reelers, umbilical clamps, sheave wheels, EDL’s and all the other peripheral equipment at your request to ensure your complete satisfaction. We can also complete your full SIT in our test bay.

Trident Australia Complete IWOCS Package Includes:

Hydraulic Power Units (HPU)

Our 20 function IWOCS HPU is built in to a 10 ft. offshore container. DNV rated as are our Umbilical Reelers and can be supplied with umbilical clamps, sheave wheels, EDLs, HFLs and all the other ancillary equipment you may require during your campaign.

HPU Unit

Umbilicals & Reelers

Trident Australia Umbilicals are in stock ready for your next work over or installation job. With both hydraulic and electric umbilicals with lengths of up to 1,600 meters.

Our offshore reelers are designed with a great appreciation for the small deck space you have available on most rigs or vessels, another key driver for us when designing our reelers is operator and equipment safety.

Umbilical and Reelers

Deployment Frame

This HFL and EFL deployment frame includes sacrificial hoses and disconnect tooling and Mud mat structure.

Deployment Frame

Subsea Interfacing Equipment

Trident can support both the modification and refurbishment of hydraulic and electrical subsea interfacing equipment to suit your specific application.

Subsea Interface Equipment

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