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Additel Software Updates Available

Most Additel software packages have an update function that can be accessed via the software's help menu. These updates are offered at no cost to the customer and will help with implementing new features and bug fixes. Below is the latest version of software for each product and for the more recent updates.

  • Additel/Land v3.8.3 - current version
  • Additel/Land Wireless v2.0.9 - current version
  • Additel Log II / Wireless v3.2.7 - current version (now includes wireless capability for support of Additel model 680W)
  • Additel ACal v1.2.6227 - current version

Update your Additel software by clicking here, then navigating to the software you are looking to update and then selecting the "download" tab for a link to a specific update

Should you require assistance, please contact our sales team


Additel Software Updates Available