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Daily rental of HVHP pump unit. 4 off Autoclave Engineers AHL66 Air Driven Liquid Pumps Unit split into two subsystems, each with: o 2 pumps o 1 inlet, 1 outlet - 1 tank can be connected to each subsystem and each subsystem can be connected to 1 injection point. This allows for a total of 2 tanks and 2 injection points. o IECEx ia flowmeter and totaliser. o Pulsation Dampener and check valve on outlet to assist with sudden pressure increases. o Each pump controllable with air pressure regulator and ball valve. ? Pump pressure is directly relatable to air inlet pressure. ? Pump flowrate is adjusted by air inlet valves. o Flow rate to be set and monitored using the flow meters. o Outlet pressure to be monitored using analogue gauge.

Product Code: R2276D

Category: Air Driven

Brand: Rentals