Drybreak 74 Series

Applications of the Drybreak 74 series include construction & mobile equipment, hydraulic, hand tools, in-plant hydraulics and anywhere a drybreak is required for cleanliness or where thermal expansion exists.

Features of the Drybreak 74 series are as follows.

The Drybreak 74 series meets requirements of ISO 16028 specification. The 3/8″ size also meets or exceeds the requirements of HTMA ANSI/NFPA T3.20.15-1991. It has a ball-locking design with push-to-connect feature. A plated steel construction is included. Working pressures to 4,600 psi (317 bar). Sizes 1/4″ to 1″ (6.3 mm to 25 mm). Connect under pressure capability available.

Conforms with ROHS and WEEE European Union Directiveslogo_snaptite[1]