68 and 63 series poppets

The applications of the 68 and 63 series poppets are mobile equipment requiring bracket mounting and connect/disconnect under pressure capability.

The coupler on 68 and 63 series poppets is push-­to-­connect and capable of
 breakaway under pressure when bracket mounted. The poppets are interchangeable with other 1/2″ standard ISO 7241-­1 Series A couplings. The nipple conforms to dimensional and performance requirements of ISO 5675 and the shielded valve in 63N8 nipple prevents reverse flow checking. The poppets include a heavy duty plated steel construction† and working pressures to 3,000 psi (207 bar). The size is 1/2″. The poppets include double shut-off.

†Conforms with ROHS and WEEE European Union Directiveslogo_snaptite[1]