Autoclave Engineers provide low, medium and high pressure (up to 150,000 psi). Stainless steel tubing and fittings, check, needle, ball and relief valves, actuators and air driven liquid pumps. Speedbite range available. Up to 15,000 psi with no coning or threading required!

Autoclave Engineers Product Range


Balon Corporation introduce ball, swing check and wafer check valves.

Balon Product Range


BIS Valves leaders in directional control, safety and relief, excess flow and check, pressure sensing metering and solenoid valves.

BIS Valves Product Range

Colson Industries

Colson Industries introduce ball, check, multi inlet, needle and velocity check valves.

Colson Product Range




Process Systems stock a wide range of ball valves including 316 stainless steel, nickel plated brass, UPVC, 2 way,  3 way, v port, threaded, flanged and fire safe. All ball valves are available with pneumatic, electric and manual operation.

Process Systems Product Range



Sabre Valves, manifolds, and their accessories, double block and bleed, mounting system and mono flange.

Sabre Valves Product Range


SC Hydraulic liquid pumps, air and gas boosters, power units and systems, high pressure valves and components.

SC Hydraulics Product Range

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Tobul Accumulator Inc. produce standard and customised hydraulic accumulators, safety shutoff valves and related accessories.

Tobul Accumulator Product Range