MS2D Series 2 Valve Direct Mount Manifold

MS2D Series Valve Direct Mount Manifold for Isolation and Calibration and an angled Vent head for ease of use

  • Top Sealing Bonnet style
  • Robust HIGH pressure design
  • DESIGNED to be maintained
  • NON-Rotating tip as standard
  • Hard TIP for effective shut-off and life
  • Low operating torque
  • Back sealing on the stem
  • 316 ss to NACE Specification
  • Angled Head for ease of use
  • Mounting Holes as standard
  • Adjustable gland packing
  • Vent Port with pressure plug as standard
  • Full material traceability
  • Stem Seal below actuating threads to prevent contamination & gauling of threads
  • Metal/Metal bonnet seal for pressure tightness even at elevated temperatures
  • Choice of Economy or Standard Head – [6K Only]colson-x-cel-logo[1]