nfrb series 31ss to NACE Specification


6,000 psi [Pn 408] Rated 10,000 psi [Pn 680] Rated

The NFRB Series FLOW / CHECK VALVE allows flow control with a larger orifice. The  Robust HIGH pressure design, 316ss to NACE Specification Valve is DESIGNED to be Maintenance free. Complete with a Built in check valve for FULL FLOW return, a Hard TIP for effective shut-off and life, Low operating torque, a Smooth 5 turns from OPEN to CLOSE, Back sealing on the stem, a Wide range of thread forms available, Full material traceability, Stem Seal below actuating threads to prevent contamination & gauling of threads and Metal/Metal bonnet seal for pressure tightness even at elevated temperatures.colson-x-cel-logo[1]