2501 Series – 8 Function HPU

The 2501 Series Multifunction HPU is a very cost effective system to manage your next well intervention or workover project. We have in stock 4, 6 and 8 function systems with a combination of high and low pressure circuits. All systems are fitted with double block and bleed valves on each function, accumulation and filters for flushing your fluid.

This unit shown has 6 low pressure and 2 high pressure circuits.

Great unit for testing in the workshop or sending offshore. Very small footprint.

Multifunction HPU for Purchase or Rental

These systems are available for purchase or for rent but have mostly been rented to our customers as part of a package.  For any enquiries to purchase please contact sales@tridentaustralia.com.au, or for rentals please contact rentals@tridentaustralia.com.au.  For any further information please give us a call.