801 Series – Fitted with Diaphragm and High Pressure Pump

This Trident 801 Series system has been fitted with a Diaphragm and High Pressure Pump. We often fit diaphragm pumps in our fixed test bay or flushing unit systems but not so often in a portable unit. In this case the customer had a large volume that he wanted to prefill using the diaphragm pump then take to pressure with the High Pressure pump. There was a 3 way valve installed so that the diaphragm pump could draw from an external source then the HP pump drew from the tank.

Diaphragm and High Pressure Pump

In this system we used an SC Hydraulic pump for the high pressure side and a Sandpiper diaphragm pump

For Purchase or Hire

These systems are available for purchase or for rent.  For any enquiries to purchase please contact sales@tridentaustralia.com.au, or for rentals please contact rentals@tridentaustralia.com.au.  For any further information please give us a call.