801 Series – Haskel Test Pac 600

The Haskel Test Pac 600 is a stretched version of the popular Haskel Test Pac 200 and at Trident we call it the 801 Series.

This type of frame is very flexible and will take a single Haskel GSF or combination of smaller pumps.

Haskel Test Pac 600

In this system the most commonly used pump is the Haskel GSF or GW series 6 HP. The pump we use more than any other would be the GSF-100 for 10,000 psi high flow service. Have a look at the catalogue for that pump here.

For Purchase or Hire

These systems are available for purchase or for rent.  For any enquiries to purchase please contact sales@tridentaustralia.com.au, or for rentals please contact rentals@tridentaustralia.com.au.  For any further information please give us a call.

This is a commonly rented system in our rental fleet so you can rest assured there will be one ready for you to hire!