L10series doule acting liquid pump

L10 Series Double Acting Liquid Pumps

The L10 Series Double Acting Liquid Pump is the largest liquid pump currently manufactured by SC with a 10″ diameter air cylinder, this double acting liquid pump is available in 4 ratios, the highest of which is capable of hydraulic pressures up to 20,000 psig.

Created primarily for the offshore rental tool market, the L10 series pumps are commonly used for subsea valve actuation, wireline control systems, blow out preventor controls and flushing rigs. L10 pumps can be applied anywhere there is a requirement for very high hydraulic pressures along with higher flows achieved by the 10-6 series.

L10 Series Double Acting Liquid Pump in a system

The L10 is a big pump! We have used them several times in custom systems needing large flows. Have a look at our Manufacturing page to see our capabilities or go to the Systems tab of the Products for standard systems.