Square Drive Hydraulic Torque Wrench – S Series

Enerpac’s square drive hydraulic torque wrench has a 360° click-on, multi-position reaction arm. A Push button square drive release quickly reverses the square drive for tightening or loosening. The Fine tooth ratchet prevents tool “lock-on” and a single 360° hydraulic swivel manifold, complete with
screw lock couplings, increases wrench and hose manoeuvrability.

They include a compact, high strength uni-body construction for a small operating radius and a robust design with minimal parts enables easy on-site maintenance without special tools. In addition, the wrenches have a lightweight, ergonomic design for easy handling and an easy fit, even in applications where access is limited. The wrenches come with optimised strength-to-weight ratio and fast operation due to the large nut rotation per wrench cycle (35 degree rotation angle) and rapid return stroke. All wrenches are nickel plated for excellent corrosion protection and improved durability in harsh environments. Constant torque output provides high accuracy across the full stroke and uni-body construction ensures accuracy by reducing internal deflections.Enerpac Logo 2