WS08 Series Water Sensor

The Pall WS08 Series water sensor provides precise and reliable measurement of dissolved water content in industrial process fluids. It is ideal for in-line monitoring of moisture in hydraulic, lubrication and insulation oils, contributing to the predictive maintenance of plant and machinery. Specifically designed for harsh industrial environments the WS08 Water Sensor features a modular housing concept and simple on-site adjustment.

• A sensing probe immersed in the fluid to directly monitor dissolved water content and temperature

• Water content expressed as % saturation or PPM and temperature in °C or °F

• High temperature sensing

• Simple to operate

• Robust modular housing and sensing probe designs

• Available with or without display

• Included PC configuration software with RS232 communication cable

• Two relay outputs standard (except if RS485 output is ordered)

• Optional RS485 output (not available with relay outputs)

• Two freely scaleable and selectable analogue

outputs, 4-20 mA, 0-5 V or 0-10 V (factory default setting is 4-20 mA)

• Simple and flexible installationlogo_pallhr_square[1]