WS07X Series Portable Water Sensor

Water in fluids can cause numerous problems such as additive depletion, oil oxidation, corrosion, reduced lubricating properties, accelerated component wear rates and microbial growth. Such problems can be averted with periodic monitoring so that corrective actions can be implemented immediately. The Pall WS07X Water Sensor can be used as a monitor to indicate the water content of a fluid, expressed as percentage saturation and provide meaningful information on which to base service and maintenance procedures. The Pall WS07X Water Sensor may be permanently installed to monitor critical applications or used for routine condition monitoring of various fluid
systems. The Pall WS07X Water Sensor meets ATEX requirements and complies to the health and safety standards of intrinsically safe machinery corresponding with the following standards: EN50014, EN 50020 and EN50284. The sensing probe and sensor driver units are approved intrinsically safe standard II category 1/2 G-EEx isgroup IIC T6 (Zone 0 for the sensing probe/ Zone 1 for sensor driver unit), whilst the supply and evaluation unit is approved for use in non-hazardous areas only.logo_pallhr_square[1]