3401 Series – 1/2 inch NPT Manifold

This 1/2 inch NPT Manifold was made for a customer to his specification. 10,000 psi 316 SS manifold with 6 x 1/2 inch NPT female connections. Manifold assembled and then mounted inside 316 SS box with outlets protruding.
Complete manifold pressure tested to 10,000 psi. 4 outlets facing upwards are spaced 150mm apart, last two outlets are at the end of the manifold.

1/2 inch NPT Manifold for Rent

Theses manifolds are available for purchase or for rent.  For any enquiries to purchase please contact sales@tridentaustralia.com.au, or for rentals please contact rentals@tridentaustralia.com.au.  For any further information please give us a call.