301 Series – With Dual Haskel Pumps and Tank

Dual Haskel Pumps in the Trident 301 series gives a fast and efficient test. The first pump is a Haskel ASF-60 that can take the pressure to 6000 psi  while the high pressure pump is a Haskel HSF-225 that can take the pressure to 22,500 psi. Without the ASF-60 to get the fluid to a reasonable pressure first the test would take so much longer to achieve 22,500 psi as the HSF-225 has such a small volume per stroke.

This unit also has a larger 30 litre tank.

Dual Haskel Pumps

The 301 Series is most commonly used for Haskel pumps and specifically the 1.5HP shown here.

Purchase or Rent this unit

These systems are available for purchase or for rent.  For any enquiries to purchase please contact sales@tridentaustralia.com.au, or for rentals please contact rentals@tridentaustralia.com.au.  For any further information please give us a call.