Subsea coupling

Features of the Subsea couplings are that they can connect & disconnect at full operating pressure. Other features include working pressures to 40,000 psi (2760 bar) and balanced designs to reduce separation forces. These subsea couplings are fabricated from corrosion resistant metals suitable for subsea applications. Minimum spillage and water ingress.

Available with elastomer or “PEEK” seals.

Snap-tite has designed and manufactured couplings for the Offshore Oil and Gas industry
for use in a variety of applications from blowout preventors to the control modules, and
distribution of chemical coolants and hydraulic fluids. These include mono couplings (manual operation), diver mateable thread-to-connect couplings equipped with handles,
complete panel assemblies, protective covers, and keyed (polarized) mono couplings to prevent cross media connections.logo_snaptite[1]