Autoclave Engineers Packaged Pressure Pump Systems

Autoclave Engineers Packaged Pressure Pump Systems.

While we build our own systems at Trident Australia we have bought the systems manufactured by Autoclave Engineers and have several of the AHL Series Systems in our rental fleet.

Using the knowledge developed over the last 65 years, Parker Autoclave Engineers Packaged Pressure Systems have been developed to incorporate any of our Air-Driven, High Pressure Liquid pumps, valves and fittings into a wide range of self-contained portable, or custom framed modules that “plug and play” for virtually any test, control, or injection system you can imagine. They vary in size, flow capability, output pressure and can include optional features such as chart recording, data logging, cycle counters, injection controllers and almost any kind of electric or pneumatic valve control option.

Applications include: Hydrostatic/Burst/Leak/Functional testing, Chemical injection, Valve/Hose/Gauge testing, Bolt tensioning, Hydraulic Control systems, Laboratory Research and Autofrettage systems.

Have a look at our range of systems or contact us for a copy of the Autoclave Engineers Packaged Pressure Pump Systems brochure.