Subsea Gauge Options

Trident Australia is often asked to provide pressure gauges for Subsea use and there can be confusion as to what is available. Following is a brief explanation of what we can offer you at Trident Australia. A “Subsea gauge” has a very heavy construction designed to withstand the external pressure of the water Subsea. We do not supply these very often but have them available from DE WIT.

Most often when we are asked to supply a Subsea gauge our customer is really asking for a “depth compensated pressure gauge”. This is what we commonly supply and we have two options.

This type of gauge uses a liquid filled case with a bladder or disc that allows the internal of the case to be pressurised equal to the increase in ambient of the water as the gauge is submerged. This means that as the internal and external pressure remain in balance there is no need for the heavy construction of the “Subsea gauge”. In theory there is no limit to the depth that this type of gauge can be submerged.

Option 1. subsea gauges

Manufactured by Trident Australia. We take a standard 316SS case McDaniel Controls pressure gauge and fit one of our own designed and manufactured depth compensation bladders to the case. For a direct mount gauge the bladder assembly is attached to the threaded filler plug hole on the top of the gauge and for a panel mount gauges we attach the bladder with our own bulkhead fitting design to the rear of the case.

Option 2. GOB-316SS-DIN (1)GOB-316SS-DIN (3)

McDaniel Controls manufacture a DIN case gauge with a flexible disc in the rear of the case. This design means that there is not a bladder protruding from the case so it is less likely to be damaged. We stock these with a black dial and white lettering for improved vision Subsea.

When you need a Subsea or depth compensated gauge call Trident Australia and let us work with you to provide the best possible solution for your application.