Test and Flush HPUs

Test and Flush HPU

test and flush hpu

Trident Australia’s test and flush units (TFHPU) or flushing HPU’s are fully built into a stainless steel frame with fully calibrated gauges, reservoir, accumulators, filters and lifting sling.  Electrically driven hydraulic flushing pumps or pneumatically operated LP and HP pumps which can be suitable for hydraulic oil or water based fluids.  Call with your test pressure and flow requirements.


Do you need equipment not listed above? No job too big or too small. To view more of our rental fleet please click on our Rentals link, contact our team on +61 08 9456 1300 or email us at: rentals@tridentaustralia.com.au as we have over 700 items available and are adding more equipment daily.


These products are also manufactured in-house by Trident Australia. For further information please click on our Manufacturing link or contact our manufacturing department at: info@tridentaustralia.com.au

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