Process Gauges

MPB/S Process Gauges

McDaniel designed the model MPB/S to meet and exceed the rigorous and harsh requirements of the process, petrochemical, and power industries. With safety also a major consideration, McDaniel developed the MPB/S with a solid front and hinged blow-out back.  The case is turret-style. Featuring a 4 mm thick laminated safety glass lens which also resists scratching; and will not craze or discolor. The elastomer compensating diaphragm on the inside of the hinged blow-out back equalizes case pressure. It insures a quality seal against fill fluid leakage and corrosive atmospheric intrusions, while maintaining gauge accuracy. Designed to withstand 300% full-scale pressure without bourdon tube rupture; and 130% full scale pressure without loss of accuracy! Watertight, fillable, and trusted McDaniel heavy-duty construction make the MPB/S your first and “lasting” choice when it comes to process gauges.mclogo[1]

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