Tescom 42MW Series Instrument Isolator

42MW Series

Tescom 42MW Series instrument isolator is typically used with a Tescom SJS Series pressure tracking regulator, and isolates the regulator from corrosive and incompatible fluids.

  • Assists in the control of pressure in fugitive emission and/or mechanical seals applications when combined with tracking regulators
  • Maximum Rated Pressure: 2500 psig / 172 bar
  • Designed to be used with Tescom’s wide range of tracking regulators

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Tescom 98 Series Filters

98 Series Filters

Tescom 98 Series high pressure filters offer operating pressure ratings up to 10,000 psig / 690 bar with Mini In-line and TEE-Type designs.

  • Operating pressure ratings up to 10,000 psig / 690 bar
  • In-line, Mini In-Line and TEE Type styles

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Tescom 100-625 Pressure Transducers

100-625 Pressure Transducer

Tescom Pressure Transducers are used in heavy duty applications requiring high accuracy and durability.

  • Provides extremely stable and repeatable hydraulic pneumatic pressure measurements
  • Suitable for a wide variety of industrial, laboratory, and test applications
  • Compatible with the Tescom ER3000 Electropneumatic Controller155_tescom_logo[1]

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