Torque Wrenches

Manual Torque Multipliers – E-Series

These high-efficiency planetary gear sets achieve high output torque from low input torque. The operators of these units will be protected by an anti-backlash device. These multipliers have a torque multiplier accuracy of ± 5%. The torque multipliers are reversible meaning you can tighten or loosen bolts. They have a reaction bar or reaction plate style.

An Angle-of-turn protractor is standard on E300-Series models.

The reaction plate models offer increased versatility with reaction point locations.

E300 and E400-Series have replaceable shear drives, providing overload protection of internal power train and a one replacement shear drive is included with each E300 and E400-Series models.Enerpac Logo 2

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Low Profile Hexagon Wrenches – W-Series

No tools are needed for changing the hexagon cassettes. Innovative, pinless wrench construction incorporates quick release cylinder and automatic crank engagement. Single 360° hydraulic swivel manifold complete with screw lock couplings increases wrench and hose manoeuvrability. The cylinders and low profile cassettes have been engineered to give ultra slim, compact low clearance tooling with a small nose radius. A robust design with minimal parts enables easy on-site maintenance without special tools. The nut sizes which are covered range from 30 – 115 mm. The wrenches boast an optimized strength-to-weight ratio. In addition, they have fast operation due to the large nut rotation per wrench cycle (30 degree rotation angle) and rapid return stroke.

All wrenches are nickel-plated for excellent corrosion protection and improved durability in harsh environments. All wrenches are fitted with bronze bushings to ensure the ratchet will never seize in the sideplates, thus eliminating costly repairs. Constant torque output provides high accuracy across the full stroke. The In-line reaction foot ensures accuracy by reducing internal deflections.Enerpac Logo 2

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