QuickFace Portable Hand Powered Flange Facing Tool

Enerpac’s Quickface flange facing tool is a simple and cost effective solution with hi-tech design, QuickFace turns a two man operation with heavy equipment, compressors and portable generators into a one man job.

The QuickFace tool itself weighs only 6.8kg (15lbs), which means it’s easy to carry, yet can still reface flange surfaces on pipes from 25.4mm (1in) up to 102mm (4in) with ease. The system has interchangeable lead screws that make it suitable for resurfacing damaged raised-face or lens-ring joint flanges to the high safety standards required.

After selecting the correct lead screw for the operation, the tool body is inserted in the pipe end and centres itself with adjustable locators to provide truly concentric operation. The tool arm is then rotated by hand using a worm-gear mechanism to provide a perfect spiral “gramophone” finish. The tool can be adjusted with a calibrated slide to define cut depth and the correct finish.Enerpac Logo 2

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