H-Frame and Workshop Presses

IP-Series, H-Frame Workshop Presses

The H-Frame has a quality welded frame for maximum strength and long life as well as an exclusive “Hydra-Lift” bed for effortless adjustment of the vertical daylight (10 ton models are manual). Roller head design is standard to allow movement and locking of the cylinder from side to side.

XLP-Series presses

The XLP-Series presses allow height adjustment of upper or lower bed with winch and width adjustment allows the cylinder to move from side-to-side. It has an easy grip forklift access.
Pump options include XA-Series air-operated foot pump
– pressure gauge integrated in pump for optimal control
– suitable for delicate pressing jobs from variable oil flow

The 50 and 75 ton XLPseries are multi-functional presses and come standard as unassembled kits.Enerpac Logo 2

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