Additel Software

Additel Software for the Additel 95XX Series

  • 9506 Additel/PCal: The Additel PCal Pressure Calibration Software is used with the 681 pressure gauges, 672 calibrators, and any of the 9XX pumps.
  • 9502 Additel/Log II: Real-time data logging and graphical software for the 681 series digital pressure gauges and the 672 series digital pressure calibrators.
  • 9510 Additel/Cal: Task management software for the 22XA series multifunction process calibrators and the 761 series automated pressure calibrators.
  • 9500 Additel/Land: With the Additel/Land software, you may download test results stored in the internal memory of Additel calibrators to a PC, and export the results to an excel file. This is a free software package and can be downloaded at www.additel.com


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